About Me

This is just a copy/paste of the intro on my WA profile page.  I’ll likely update this once I get more comfortable working with other aspects of WA.

I’ll eventually want to address these points:
(1) Connect with your audience by offering a relevant story
(2) Have a personal image of you or at the very least, something relevant
(3) Tell them why you are interested in helping them in your respective niche
(4) Offer them help if they have any questions or comments

—————————————White Legs and me

Most of my working life has been in the high tech manufacturing industry. I’ve been a production operator for companies such as HP, Celestica and Avago. I’ve also worked for six years as a technical help desk support agent at IBM for federal, state and local wildfire fighting agencies. And for something completely different, while in the throes of a midlife crisis, I even tried OTR truck driving. Needless to say, THAT didn’t last long.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, focusing mainly in programming. But, I learned too late and after drowning myself in student loan debt that the programming industry is extremely ageist. A guy in his 40s isn’t about to get hired in most places, even if he’s a programming genius.

I’m also a rabid writer. Until recently, I never considered trying to make money at it. But, as I get older, I find I’m tired of working the 9-to-5 rat race for pain in the ass bosses.

As you may have noticed, I’m a bit of a cranky, opinionated curmudgeon. I’d be ecstatic if I could find a way to make money online by writing. That dream eventually, and finally brought me here. Let’s see where it take me, shall we?

Blast off!
Joe Martin