Ah, Those Wobbly First Steps!

Well, I’ve started adding content to a couple of my pages.

Not much here yet.  This is your opportunity to have your say about what Taking those first wobbly stepsyou’d like to see on this website.  No suggestion is too bizarre for me to at least consider, so fire away.

Unless I get some input from YOU, this blog will mostly contain commentary on what I’m adding to the site and an occasional rant about issues of the day.

The main focus of this website will be as an opinion page, similar to Hemant Mehta’s Friendly Atheist blog page. Trying to earn income through product reviews and affiliate links will only be a secondary goal.

I’ll focus mainly on science topics, especially astronomy, threats to the Trumpelthinskinseparation of church and state in the US, and, I’ll occasionally talk about the worst thing to happen to America… the election of Der Pumpkin Führer, Herr Donald Trump, aka Trümpelthinskin. (In case you couldn’t tell, expect me to be quite unkind.)

So hey, if you’d like to see less political ranting and A young slayer of trolls is introduced to his weapon.more of what interests you, let me know in the comments!  Look around the website to see what’s already here, like this diabolical little article and comment on it. I’m willing to take pro and con comments. Of course, trolls will be dealt with swiftly with my trusty troll machete.

Got something to say about this article? I always appreciate feedback from those who read my stuff! Did you like it? Do you think I’m full of it? Let me know! I’ll respond to every comment I get, so tell me what you think. There’s a handy-dandy reply form after every article.

To avoid spam, everybody’s first comment will need to be approved before it appears in the comments. After that, it’s no holds barred, baby!

6 thoughts on “Ah, Those Wobbly First Steps!”

  1. Hi there Joe and good luck with this unusual website. I look forward to reading some extraordinary posts on some unforgettable subjects.
    My pet hate at the moment is the corruption of Big Pharma and how they have infiltrated the health system to the detriment and often death of their end user the public. Us poor unsuspecting patients are much too complacent about our health and too trusting of the pharmaceutical industry which only has profits in mind. The FDA and CDC and other fraternities who are supposed to be watching over our welfare are in fact in cahoots with Big Pharma, as are many doctors who are accepting handouts from them in exchange for prescribing their drugs, drugs that are often under tested and have serious side effects.
    I don’t like Trump either, his only redeeming feature being the promise to stop the corruption especially with vaccines and look into the real cause of autism, which those parents who have an autistic child already know! There are many subjects close to my heart and I shall keep an eye on this site for future discussions and comments, especially those to do with science, astonomy and health. Ches

    1. Excellent suggestions, Ches! Thank you! I’ll definitely add them to my list of content topics to write about. “Big (Insert your most hated industry here)” is a constant peeve for me, too. I’m dying to write about it! I’m expecting to attract a lot of hate, but hey, that’s what generates (sometimes quite heated) discussion, right?

      Thanks again for your comment and suggestions!

  2. Hi Joe,

    You ask for some ideas on what would be a nice addition to your blog. I thought that some satirical cartoons would do nicely. They are always fun to look at and would help you further express you political/ideological leanings. There are tons on Trump of course.

    Some cartoonists for you to look into as examples would be Steve Bell and Clay Bennett.

    1. Hi James. Thank you for your suggestion! I agree that satirical cartoons would be a great addition. I’ll add Steve Bell and Clay Bennett to my list of research to do. Feel free to make other suggestions if you think of any.

      Thanks again!

  3. The universe is not about religion, it just is. Because of human fears about what we did not understand we created God and religion in order to feel more in control by blaming everything that happens in our life on a being greater than us. “Oh, it’s not your fault its Gods plan.” We often feel very small in comparison to the universe that we build this shield of God to help us justify our life. There is no plan for your life but the universe keeps the recording of it. We make our choices and the record is there forever. We can make any choice we wish to and the result is always the same. It might appear different but in the end we all go to the same place. The universe does not care. Whatever you do that is what will take place. I am happy to meet you. You have many views that I find interesting. I hope to talk in the future.

    1. Hi Stephen!

      I completely agree. Thing is, the fact that this life is all there is and that the universe doesn’t care is terrifying to most people. I can accept that people will try to block out awareness of that stark reality with religion.

      The reason I made this website is because too many of those fearful people will do anything they can, including legislation, to silence those of us who take reality in stride and just get on with our lives. That the US Constitution protects those of us who have no need of religion is galling to the believers who want to believe that the founding fathers of the US were just as religiously warped as they are.

      So, I’ll just step down from my soapbox now! Glad to meet you too, Stephen! I hope we have many chats in the future.

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