Freedom Of Speech Isn’t Just For People Who We Agree With

I’m quite tired of shallow armchair patriots shrieking about people disrespecting the flag, and in so doing are un-American and unpatriotic.

The flag is a piece of cloth. It cannot be disrespected. What can be disrespected is what that flag symbolizes.

These days, it seems to be more important to conform to some politically correct worldview concerning any controversial topic. To not do so, to express a different opinion, is considered the height of subversive behavior. Long gone are the days when a difference of opinion was respected.

Don’t just “sit down and shut up”

My military background is too ingrained in my psyche to consider burning a flag in protest myself, but I would fully support someone else’s right to do so. I would, however, be more than willing to participate in a Colin Kaepernick-style form of protest against what I see as a wrong direction which my country has taken.

Spoken like an old geezer  — get off my lawn! — in my day, not that long ago, peaceful protest against the wrongs committed by our country was a cherished right, popular among the people. Today, we’re not much more than conformist sheep, waiting for the slaughter while we eat Cheetos and watch football.

The intent of the founding fathers in enshrining freedom of speech and expression in the First Amendment was to protect just such differing opinion. If everybody held the same opinion about all topics, there would be no need for the First Amendment. Freedom of speech is not reserved on

Voltaire didn’t say this, by the way. It was Kevin Alfred Strom, a real scumbag.

ly for political conservatives. Freedom of expression is not reserved only for Christians and white people.


For my part, I will do everything in my power to infuriate those who deem such privileges to be the sole domain of people like themselves, expecting everybody else to sit down and shut up.

Peaceful protest is not a subversive concept. Equal justice for all means all.

Letter to the Editor published in the Fort Collins Coloradoan’s Opinion section on 9/26/2017.

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