House and Senate Term Limits Will Significantly Reduce Corporate Influence

spineless weasel
A better mascot for both parties


It’s time to get cowards and corporate money out of politics.

I dearly want to see the Constitution take its vengeance upon Dumpster for the evil he hath wrought and hang him by his political neck. But I won’t hold my breath waiting for it to happen.

Politicians are, by their nature, cowardly weasels. They’ll talk a big game of moral indignation, but red state Republican and purple state Democratic Senators in states in which Trump won by more than a few points won’t dare to enrage Trump’s base, who seemingly would stick by him even if he ate a baby on national TV.

Since they control both houses of Congress and the White House, conservative Senators are unlikely to endanger any of the legislation they’ve been trying to force upon the American people, in some cases for decades.

We need term limits for both houses of Congress. At least in the Senate. Two 6-year terms for Senators and four 2-year terms for Representatives. This will go far to prevent the election of political cowards, more concerned about fundraising and getting reelected than about doing the right thing for the American people.

The President and 36 Governors are already limited to two 4-year terms. 15 states have term limits imposed upon their state legislators.

Because of the lack of term limits on Congress, they have become far too addicted to corporate donations to their re-election war chests. It’s time to take corporate influence away and give it back to “We The People,” whom our elected officials are supposed to represent.

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2 thoughts on “House and Senate Term Limits Will Significantly Reduce Corporate Influence”

  1. Good day, Joe.
    I agree that term limits must be placed on all elected officials.
    Perhaps 2-4year terms would be appropriate.
    That’s it, you’re done! … now go get a REAL job.
    It’s become an industry that doesn’t serve us very well.
    In the real world, these spineless mammals would be fired!
    Problem is that they make the laws to keep themselves there, … an apathetic electorate.
    Great post.
    I want more.

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